Final Score, Illinois Senate vs. Blagojevich

Final Score, Illinois Senate vs Blagojevich

The final vote in the Illinois State Senate impeachment trial of Rod Blagojevich ending in a rout: 59 for conviction, zero for acquittal. Mr. Blagojevich was removed from office and barred from state politics for life. Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn was sworn in to replace Mr. Blagojevich (was that a new suit?).

Rod Blagojevich now enters the record books as the first governor in the ethically-challenged history of the State of Illinois to be removed from office while living. Start engraving those brass plaques.

Here’s the post-game chatter:

Fox News: Illinois Senate Kicks Blagojevich Out of Office

Ground Report: It’s Endgame For Rod Blagojevich As He Is Unanimously Impeached

Wichita Eagle blog:Blagojevich gets the boot

NY Times: Blagojevich Ousted by Illinois State Senate

Chicago Tribune: Impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been removed from office

AP: Ill. gov unanimously convicted, tossed from office

LA Times “Top of the Ticket” blog: Ranks of unemployed governors swells by one; Illinois ousts Blago

UPI:Senate expels Blagojevich, Quinn sworn in

Chicago Tribune “Clout Street” blog: Senate removes Blagojevich from office

BBC: Illinois governor guilty of abuse

TPM: The Unanimous Sentence for Blagojevich: Death

Reuters: Illinois Governor Blagojevich convicted, ousted

Chicago Reader “News Bites” blog: Punishing Blago

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion blog: Blagojevich Convicted – Senator Says “It’s Bleeping Golden”; Obama’s Former Colleagues Say Everybody Knew About Corruption, And No One Did Anything

(The New York Post front page reads “Bad Hair Day” but we don’t have a copy yet; The NY Daily News has this.)

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