Inauguration ‘Refresh’

One DC Inaugural Weekend event seems rather … effervescent; even a bit … gassy. It’s the Refresh the World Symposium  on January 19th, presented by Spike Lee, Howard University and PepsiCo.

The event at historic Cramton Auditorium (2455 Sixth Street, NW) is free to college students, and features Spike Lee (natch) with fave celebs Rev. Al Sharpton, Bay Buchanan, Sean Combs, Arianna Huffington, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, Queen Latifah, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Michelle Rhee, Dr. Cornel West, and more. Pepsi says topics will include the economy, education, race, gender, hip-hop, carbonated beverages, and other vital national issues.

The full program is here, where you can watch the event on the Web if you have already graduated or dropped out — tickets are for DC-area college students only, and are available at the Cramton Auditorium box office (202-806-7914).

Yo, if Gallaudet students are really welcome, where’s the “Refreshing Deaf Culture” panel? And what’s with this Cramton Auditorium jive?

College students: If you go,  ask Michelle Singletary and Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer if the Obama administration should stockpile a Strategic Soft Drink Reserve — it may get you a job with event sponsor Pepsi. And dress pretty — you just know Spike will shoot this shindig for a Pepsi commercial (big  CW Network ad buys, no doubt).

PepsiCo is also relaunching on the other side of town, at the Creative Coalition Gala Inaugural Ball (sold out — the bargain tickets were only $10,000 a pair). As Advertising Age put it, “Pepsi Goes to Washington.”

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi was an Obama campaign advisor, and Pepsi is “re-launching” its brand “around the ideas of hope, positive change and active participation, through forums, out-of-home communications, television and digital communications.”  What a coincidence — just like the uncanny resemblance between the logos of Pepsi and the Obama campaign!

But who caresif Pepsi co-opted the Obama campaign logo or vice-versa? The computer-age redefinition of the word “refresh” allows Pepsi to highjack Coca-Cola’s historic slogan. How cool is that? 


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,
The Pepsi logo is a registered trademark of PepsiCo and we didn’t even get tickets to the Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball for giving Pepsi this free plug.

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