Sarah Palin — Mad As Hell!

Sarah Palin -- Mad As Hell!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is mad as hell at the media, and she’s not gonna take it any more. Mrs. Palin has been telephoning everyone in the media to tell them how the media always victimize her.

The failed Republican vice presidential candidate is upset with press claims that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol and the father of her out-of-wedlock grandchild are “high school dropouts” just because they stopped going to school.

Such calumny is bad enough, but so-called “professional journalists” forced Mrs. Palin to answer questions not previously submitted in writing, video-recorded her answers, then broadcast the results without editing out her flubs, evasions and errors. Some malicious reporters even had the gall to investigate abuses of power by the Governor and “First Thug” Todd — everyone knows abuse of power is okay when you do it for family.

Governor Palin may be right in criticizing her McCain campaign handlers, who recklessly allowed interviews with reporters who expect coherent if not intelligent answers. Mrs. Palin’s vice-presidential campaign was only ten weeks long, and she could easily have spent all her time doing what she does best, parroting prepared speeches to partisan throngs, just like she did as Miss Wasilla.

It is is no surprise the Governor is complaining about her campaign coverage; she started doing that before the campaign began. The media’s greatest crime again Mrs. Palin was airing her rants so often that citizens realized what first appeared to be righteous indignation was only resentment. Sarah Palin is angry she isn’t Caroline Kennedy? You’re not Caroline Kennedy, either (no email, please; we know you’re not. Kennedys don’t read blogs).

One of Governor Palin’s statements sounds especially odd. Speaking about her disastrous CBS News interviews with Katie Couric, Mrs. Palin told conservative filmmaker John Ziegler: “I never saw the interview after Katie edited it, spliced it together, whatever they did. “

This description of  the TV news production process from a former broadcast journalist, a woman who studied that noble profession at five of the finest backwater colleges in America?* Really, now.

Disingenuousness or dementia? You decide. Don’t let the media interpet this for you.

*Governor Palin switched colleges six times in six years, attending the University of Idaho twice before graduating (BA, Communications-Journalism, 1987).

Image by Mike Licht (in memory of Paddy Chayefsky and Peter Finch). Download a copy here.Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin — Mad As Hell!”

  1. Deo Says:

    This video is 9 minutes of whining without taking ANY responsibility for JUST NOT BEING PREPARED, and being completely out of her league.
    In the process Palin takes down 3 WOMEN! Just what I expect from this 2 face.
    Couric had the gall to ask Sarah WHAT DO YOU READ?, wow, what a curve ball there. Who could answer that tough question!?
    Then Tina Fey…you might remember Palin was actually ON SNL along side Fey. I guess it was funny that night, I guess it was OK that night when Sarah participated. Yeah, you betcha!
    As for Caroline Kennedy she hasn´t gotten a free ride from the press, the press has compared her to YOU, Sarah!!!

  2. Palin: Just Plane Folks « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] Sarah Palin is upset with the media for making her non-bus tour private jet use an issue.  The former Temp Governor should know — she’s also a credentialed, experienced media professional. […]

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