Levi Johnston Pulls Plug on Apprentice Job

Levi Johnston Pulls Plug on Apprenticeship Job

Flash: Break-Up News!

Levi Johnston (18), retired high school hockey player and father of Governor Sarah Palin’s out-of-wedlock grandchild, has quit his apprentice electrician’s position. Anchorage radio commentator Dan Fagan pointed out that apprenticeship programs require applicants to have high school diplomas or GEDs. As Governor Palin recently told the news media, daughter Bristol’s baby daddy is not a dropout; he just didn’t finish high school.

So how did diploma-less Levi Johnston get into the electrician apprenticeship program at ASRC Energy Services in the first place? It’s all in the family. Levi’s Mom is in the pharmaceutical business, not electricity, but his Dad is an engineer at ASRC, and Bristol’s family, the Palins, are really into power, big time.

Not just the Governor; her spouse, Alaska’s First Thug Todd Palin, too. When he’s not busy intimidating state officials, Mr. Palin takes an interest in “Workforce Development.” His official Alaska State Government webpage has links to Apprenticeship Opportunities in Alaska and Oil & Gas Employment and Training Opportunities, with statements like:

High School Diploma or GED equivalency is required. Applicant must provide an official transcript(s) for high school and post high school education and training. All GED records must be submitted if applicable. Some programs require completion of high school level Algebra or the post secondary equivalent. — Alaska Job Center Network

Mr. Palin’s Alaska State Government website also sports a link to the advertising-laden homepage of the Tesoro IronDog, ” the Longest, Toughest Snowmobile Race in the World. ” Maybe “the Dog” has less stringent apprenticeship standards. Kid’s gotta work; baby needs a new pair of snowshoes.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

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7 Responses to “Levi Johnston Pulls Plug on Apprentice Job”

  1. Maya Says:

    Hi – I did a quick google of this. The original People article says: “You need to know that both Levi and Bristol are working their butts off to parent and going to school and working at the same time,” Palin told PEOPLE in a phone message Wednesday. “They are certainly not high school dropouts.”

    When did Palin say he wasn’t going to high school or didn’t finish high school?

    Quote, please? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you’ve badly misquoted. But, maybe you’re talking about something else??

  2. Josh Says:

    Great Article,

    I find it funny that she backs him by trying to explain that he “didn’t” dropout, when in fact he did. Just like she tried to explain why her daughter is having a baby out of wedlock, when in fact, her family and her Christian upbringing frowns on such a thing. But, yet she feels she has the right, after condemning everyone else who’s been through that sort of thing [at some points in her life], to justify it. But I guess everyone else who has a baby out of wedlock, are a bunch of fornicating whores?

    I actually feel pity for this woman.

  3. Lawrence E. Rafferty Says:

    It is funny how many times Palin get caught with her nose in the ringer and not be charged with any crimes. I guess there is always a first time.

  4. Mike Licht Says:


    In Wasilla last October, Levi Johnston told Associated Press that he had dropped out of school. I noted that in the earlier (and linked) post on this topic, with a link to a citation in the Chicago Sun Times of October 13, 2008 (the AP link is gone, but you are fond of Google and can find it).

    So who is the liar?

    A)the Governor
    B) Levi

    (If you answered A, you are correct).

  5. Mike Licht Says:


    Governor Palin abuses the truth as she has abused every position of power she has ever held. She chose to be a public figure and must be held publicly accountable for her repeated fraudulent claims.

    Mrs. Palin’s opinions on sexuality and failures in parenting would not be subjects of discussion if she had not made these issues the basis of her political career.

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