Shoe Salute for Bush on January 19th


Shoe Salute for Bush on January 19th

Peace activists from across the nation will shower shoes on departing President Bush on his last full day in office, January 19th. A symbolic demonstration is expected near the White House between 11:00am and 3:00pm.  

Monday, January 19th is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday; there is certainly no more appropriate way to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy than protesting an unjust war and a gutted economy.  After the demonstration, the shoes will be donated to those who are in need due to Mr. Bush’s disastrous economic policies.

If you are coming to the inauguration, bring your old shoes and righteous indignation. If you are celebrating the change of national administration elsewhere, there are “Shoes for Bush” collection points in New England (you could start one, too). 

District of Columbia efforts are being coordinated by the DC Statehood Green Party. We urge DC organizers to contact the Peter Bug Shoe Repair Academy about reconditioning the footwear before it is distributed to neighbors in need.

 The “Shoes for Bush” organizers were inspired by the actions of Baghdad journalist Muntader Al-Zaidi, who threw his shoes at Mr. Bush last week. Mr. al-Zaidi has been held since December 14th, badly beaten and burned with cigarettes. He was not formally charged with any crime until yesterday, when the investigating  judge filed a goofy charge of  “Aggression Against a Foreign Head of State During an Official Visit.” His trial date is New Year’s Eve, when no one in the West will be watching. It is possible that Mr. al-Zaidi is only alive due to worldwide street protests and press scrutiny.

Take a step for democracy. Put your best foot forward and contrubute clodhoppers to Shoes for Bush.

Shoe Salute for Bush on January 19th

Top image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, 

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4 Responses to “Shoe Salute for Bush on January 19th”

  1. cbertel Says:

    I will be there with shoes off.


  2. anonymous Says:

    I think you are acting like a bunch of ill mannered school children. Get over it!

  3. Mike Licht Says:

    Dear Mr. or Ms. Anonymous:

    Ever so sorry that Mr. Bush was so terribly embarrassed. I suppose it’s no fun to have someone point out you are in fact a liar and a war criminal and not the great liberator you claim to be.

    Perhaps we should let this go, but the reporter who stood up to Mr. Bush is being detained without charge and tortured by the freedom-loving patriots our president installed in Baghdad. Our rude efforts are intended to keep Mr. al-Zaidi alive.

    Thsnk you for bravely standing up for your principles, just like Muntader Al-Zaidi did. Hey, are you related to Bobby Anonymous? I went to school with him.

  4. Shoe Thrower Set Loose « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] Shoe Salute for Bush on January 19th […]

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