Holiday Housecleaning at Eastern Market

Holiday Housecleaning at Eastern Market

Washington residents got a holiday gift from the DC Government today. DC’s Office of Property Management is finally rousting the rascals who have mismanaged Eastern Market and is taking direct administrative control on January First.

Management of historic Eastern Market has been contracted out to a phantom DC nonprofit called Eastern Market Ventures (or Venture – documents differ). Who is EMV? Primarily Maryland’s Site Realty Group, with apparent participation by principals of  MilleniuM Real Estate Advisors (which provides the notional DC address — at the Watergate) and New York’s Capital Properties .

Why would multimillion-dollar corporations bother battling for Eastern Market’s chump-change management contract? Perhaps to gain credibilty for bids to manage other historic fresh food markets, something that looked lucrative until Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Boston’s Faneuil Hall, and other phony-baloney “festival marketplaces” tanked (it’s happened before). Recently EMV, reconstituted as Market House Ventures LLC, ruined the historic Annapolis Market House; Eastern Market was gutted by fire on EMV’s absentee management watch.

How did EMV keep the Eastern Market contract? Threats of lawsuits. How did EMV even get the Eastern Market contract when it didn’t have the required IRS nonprofit status when it got the nod? Anyone who really cares enough should start by examining political donation records at the DC Office of Campaign Finance.

Personally, we would rather wander through Eastern Market’s magical Christmas Tree Forest –the fir, pine, and spruce trees under the Farmer’s Shed on 7th Street SE. The air smells deliciously spicy, fresh and clean, even more so now that OPM has cleaned out the rotten smell of bad management. Thank DC Government for this thoughtful holiday gift.

EMV’s goose may be cooked, but don’t forget to buy your Christmas goose at Eastern Market’s bustling East Hall

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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