Questions About This Car?


 This is Italy’s Covini C6W sportscar, voted one of the ten ugliest non-US cars of 2008 by Jalopnik. Compared to entries from India and France, this car looks almost normal — until you open the doors.

At this point you must have five questions:

1. Around 185 mph

2. Price TBD

3.  Jalopnik‘s Ten Ugliest US cars of 2008? Click here.

4. Ugliest car of 2008? The Mitsuoka Orochi. Ray Wert thinks the Orochi “is what happens when you let a sushi chef design a car using his favorite fish as inspiration.”  The orochi is a mythical Japanese eight-headed serpent, and much cuter.

The answer to your remaining question is found after the jump.

Big Question About This Car

Read more about the Covini C6W  at Motor AuthorityJalopnik, and Autospies, and see this  goofy Israeli video.

Top image via Jalopnik; bottom image by Mike Licht (who thinks Russia’s Lada 111 Touring  is really a Ford). Download the tire-rotation diagram here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,


One Response to “Questions About This Car?”

  1. tdl1501 Says:

    What does it do in a blizzard with ice and a 6 degree ascent or descent? Until that can be explained we’ll stick with the AWD Volvo and Acura with killer snow tires. Then again, we can’t (yet) afford one of those $8 million homes on the mountain ….

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