What’s With the HAIR?

 What's With the Hair?

High crimes and misdemeanors. A governor arrested. An empty U.S. Senate seat. Extortion. Bribery. The troubled Trib. Baseball. Skulduggery, obscenity, conspiracy, wheeling, dealing.

Naturally, the first thing concerned citizens want to know about Rod Blagojevich is:  What’s with that hair?

Governor’s Hair Speaks Volumes

Is Blago’s hair a sign of sickness?

The TRUTH About The Blagojevich Hair

Top Hairdressers Baffled by Rod Blagojevich’s Mane

Heads of State

 Poll: Is Rod Blagojevich’s Hair Real?

 Rod Blagojevich’s hair

Rod Blagojevich’s Terrible Hair Found Guilty of Everything

 Blago’s bad hair meme (with Pawlenty cameo!)

Illini [sic] Gov Blagojevich Charged with Importing and Wearing Endangered Monkey Wigs 

 Rod Blagojevich & The Worst Haircuts In Politics

Blagojevich ‘Hairy’ Insanity Defense Promoted by MSM


Image by Mike Licht (Nice haircut, huh?). Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

3 Responses to “What’s With the HAIR?”

  1. The Blagojevich Bleeps « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] It is a truism that use of sports metaphors by politicians and businessmen reflects their competitive worldviews. Is it any wonder they intensify private conversation with what Reverend Jesse Jackson calls “locker-room trash talk?”  We know LBJ, JFK, Nixon, and other politicians have done this; so did the “smartest guys in the room” at Enron. If the content of a conversation constitutes a threat, conspiracy, or other illegal action, stylistic formality and polysylabic word choice won’t  exonerate the speaker. While it’s amusing to poke fun at them, there is nothing criminal in a salty conversation or a bad haircut. […]

  2. scott Says:

    Love the Blago in Prison pics..

    Check out the hair-doo’s on the family, including dogs LOL


  3. andy freeman Says:

    What if Blago’s innocent and HIS HAIR IS CRIMINAL!

    The “hair-raising” truth about the pay for play scandal and the
    governor of Illinois.


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