The economy. What happened?


At last: An explanation that doesn’t depend on blind faith in some “Invisible Hand of the Market” or sleight-of-hand conspiracies in the Swaps market. Dr Neil Hair of Sydney, Australia offers this insight:


Alan Greenspan, testified . . . that the sub-prime crisis first emerged in March 2006, timing perfectly with the first conjunction [0 degrees] of Neptune’s passage to the Moon [homes, families, places of security] in USA’s Gemini rising ‘peoples’ chart’.


“Neptune,” Dr. Hair reminds us, is “the God of the oceans.”


US economists and real estate advisers, not astrologers, commonly described loans where home value was less than debt as ‘under water.’

  [Pause for head-smacks.] 



Then, in the second quarter of 2007, Saturn (“Mr Accountability”) was 180 degrees opposed to Neptune: “Saturn has taken great pleasure in cracking the whip of accountability!”


Result: Bear Sterns was sternly thrashed. By March 2008, it was all over but the planetary shouting.



It seems so obvious in retrospect. But then economic analysis always does, doesn’t it?


Before you write off economic analysis based on astrology or numerology, read up on the use of “technical analysis” by commodities traders.



Dr Neil Hair “2008: Banks, regulators and accountability,”, December 9, 2008



Image by Mike Licht

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