New Heights for David Gregory — Meet the Press

New Heights for David Gregory -- Meet the Press

Photo by Mike Licht (5’9′).

As Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, David Gregory was already a towering presence in Washington journalism.  His appointment as host (pardon; Moderator) of the iconic Meet the Press program places him head and shoulders above his colleagues.

In making this personnel decision, NBC News management had to consider the past; they were choosing a successor to a beloved personality, the late Tim Russert.  But they also had to look to the future and consider one key question: Who could go head-to-head with the Obama administration; who could best interview the country’s new leaders face-to-face?  That’s a pretty tall order. They quickly decided the job would be a stretch for anyone except David Gregory.

Why? The answer, by the numbers:

President-elect Barack Obama: 6’1″

National Security Adviser designate Gen. James L. Jones: 6′5″

Presidential aide Reggie Love: 6′4″

White House Deputy Communications Director Daniel H. Pfeiffer: 6′2″

 Attorney General nominee Eric H. Holder, Jr.:  6′3″

Head of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Paul Volcker: 6′7″

 David Gregory: 6’5″


 The reviews:

Today show viewer: “I was startled by David Gregory’s height. He should never stand next to a normal-sized human being. Al and Meredith always look like they’re looking towards heaven when they talk to him. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s David Gregory. It is very weird.”

Democratic Underground:  Good lord, David Gregory is freaking tall.

Huffington Post, Eat The Press:  “… Mr. Gregory is one heckuva 6’5″ long, tall drink o’ water ….”

Intern Jamie Frevele, FishBowlNY:  “David Gregory is apparently a very tall man.”

Alex Pareene, Gawker,com:  “”Tall Clown Will Host TV News Anachronism”

President George W. Bush:  “Stretch?”

David Gregory: “I’ve also learned in my professional life, that  yes, size matters.”


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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