Full-Court Press — Obama Seeks DC Hoops Spot

Full Court Press -- Obama Seeks DC Hoops Spot

President-elect Obama takes his basketball very seriously. Just stand on a step-stool and ask any of his appointees (they play, too).  Richard Sisk of the NY Daily News says Mr. Obama is looking for a new place to bounce the round ball in DC.

When the weather warms back up, he really needs to play at Rose Park, 26th & O Streets, NW in Georgetown. Built  on Winship’s Lot in 1918 by the Ancient Order of the Sons and Daughters of Moses for African American children, Patterson’s or Jacob’s Park  was bought by the city for “colored” recreation.

While the twenties saw the rigid segregation of DC, there were few parks in Georgetown and the place was used by neighbors of all races. When the Rec  Deparment  put a “For Coloreds Only” sign on the park gate, it was removed after public outcry and protest, and the park remained integrated.

The single basketball court a Rose Park was a hot spot for pick-up games in the sixties, and good players may be found there today. John Thompson recommended the place  to Len Shapiro and Andy Pollin, on a list with Kelly Miller, Turkey Thicket, Sherwood, Parkview, Rosedale, Luzon, Chevy Chase, and Henry T. Blow playgrounds.

So practice your free throws, and show up in your Barry O’Bomber throwback jersey.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, notionsCapital.com

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