Hoops Holder?

Hoops Holder?

Potomac Playground Patter

President-elect  “Barry O-Bomber” (6’1″), Hawaiian high school hotshot, is building a slammin’ basketball bench:

  National Security Adviser designate Gen. James L. Jones (6’5″) was a forward for the Georgetown Hoyas

 Obama aide Reggie Love (6’4″) was a forward for the Duke Blue Devils (2001 NCAA champs) and team captain in 2005

Future U.N. Ambassador Dr. Susan Rice  was a point guard at DC’s National Cathedral School

White House deputy communications director Daniel H. Pfeiffer (6’2″) was on the team at Wilmington Friends School

Treasury Secretary pick Timothy Geithner is a passionate pick-up basketball player 

 DHS nominee Governor Janet Napolitano has coached the University of Arizona’s Lady Wildcats

— Obama senior advisor David Axelrod met Susan Landau while they were playing in a coed basketball league; they married in 1979

— Attorney General designate Eric H. Holder, Jr. (6’3″) was Co-Captain of  Stuyvesant High School’s basketball team in New York City.

Stuyvesant?  Hold on a minute. 

Stuyvesant is a highly regarded public school with a well equipped modern building, but Eric Holder was a student in the sixties, when it was located in a smaller, older building on East 15th Street. The school had a highly-competitve entrance exam and a rigorous program of study, but conditions were … a bit less elegant.

In 1969, when Eric Holder was co-Captain of the Stuyvesant High School “Peglegs” (really), there were no home games at Stuy High. The old building’s track was above the gym, mounted on four huge pillars that obstructed the basketball court. Maybe that accounts for the team’s record:  2 wins and 12 losses.

Other Stuyvesant sports had it worse in the sixties. Morning announcements on the school public address system often featured this item: “The Swim Team will meet during second period in the auditorium balcony.”  Unlike the new building, old Stuyvesant had no pool.

Full disclosure: The writer attended Stuyvesant two years ahead of Mr. Holder, and merely went through the motions of basketball during Mr. Gaffney’s gym class.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com.

5 Responses to “Hoops Holder?”

  1. Mike Licht Says:

    UPDATE: Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker (6’7″), who will head the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, was center for Teaneck High School basketball team (but not on the Princeton varsity, as rumored). His knees 81-year-old knees are not what they used to be.

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