Victoria’s Republican Secret — Styling Sarah

Victoria's Republican Secret

The secret is out: The total cost of Sarah Palin’s VP campaign wardrobe, makeup, and hairstyling  keep ratcheting up. Add $165,000 for three stylists for nine weeks of work. This includes $54,900 paid to fashion consultant Lisa Kline in mid-October just for picking out Madam Gov’s deluxe duds.

That’s right: Despite recent spin, Fashiongate was not a case of giddy GOP interns on a buying spree in luxury stores. This was requested by Mrs. Palin, a calculated campaign costuming consultant contract.

 A well-presented dish makes undiscriminating diners overlook a lack of taste and nourishment. This lady is all sizzle and no moose steak. Styling Sarah was essential.

Stylist Lisa Kline may have earned even more for styling Sarah during the last three weeks of the campaign. Stay tuned for future FEC filings.

And don’t be fooled: This is not the common retailLisa Kline of Beverly Hills.” Any grubby hockey mom can buy stylish shmatas from L.A. Lisa, Lisa W. Kline. Even Paris shops with her. The Palin contract was with Big Apple Lisa, Lisa L. Kline, consultations by appointment only (want her number? Fagettaboutit).

The McCain campaign didn’t make things easy; it listed Ms. Kline as “Lisa Kine” on Thursday’s FEC report.

A candidate’s visual style isn’t important — unless that’s all she’s got.


Image by Mike Licht. download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

“Victoria’s Secret” and logo are registered trademarks of the sleazy sexploiters of Limitedbrands and are used to prevent brand confusion with Fredrick’s of Hollywood and 42nd Street Adult XXX stores, which don’t advertise on network TV during Christmas (to their credit). The GOP logo is fair game, unlike real elephants, which are protected (but mighty good eatin’).

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