Plaxico Burress in 89 Words

Plaxico Burress in 89 Words

Plaxico Burress wears sweatpants to accommodate his injured hamstring muscle. He wanted to go out, but couldn’t get into a nightclub wearing sweatpants unless he wore lots of gold. He needed a gun to protect the gold, but couldn’t register his 40. cal Glock because police know he fights with his wife. He put the unregistered gun in his waistband because sweatpants don’t have pockets, and shot himself when the gun slipped out of the waistband elastic. He gave a false name at the hospital but got caught anyway.

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Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here.Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

4 Responses to “Plaxico Burress in 89 Words”

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    […] Super Bowl star Plaxico Burrris shot himself because he was wearing sweatpants. […]

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    […] Gilbert Arenas doesn’t seem to have learned much since 2003, when he was convicted of possessing an unregistered pistol in California. We hope he remembers the lesson taught by former NFL star Plaxico Burress. […]

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