Mascot Name Contest Unleashed

Mascot Name Contest Unleashed

IT’S ALIVE! Whatever it is. We refer to the new athletic man-muppet mascot Virginia’s George Mason University has unnaturally brought to subhuman life. OMG! Igor! Where is that jar with the criminal brain?

GMU’s old sports mascot was a furry … thing called Gunston, after Gunston Hall. Get it? No one else did, either. Gunston is rumpled-looking and ineffectual; naturally he was kicked upstairs to a cushy job in university administration.

GMU wants to find a better name for the new … creature, so there’s a contest. Too bad Mason didn’t have a contest to design the mascot, but the university had to use that pricey Bioengineering Lab for something.

Enter the mascot-naming contest online or by texting.  Deadline: December 17, 2008.

Sorry, folks; NotionsCapital  has already entered the most appropriate name:

Mascot Name Contest Unleashed 

Try your luck anyway.

Hat tip: DCist

Images by Mike Licht. Download a copy of the top one here and bottom one here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

One Response to “Mascot Name Contest Unleashed”

  1. storiesbehindthefur Says:

    I am slightly disturbed by the expression of the face AND the facepaint.

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