Blogging is Dead. Again.

Blogging is Dead -- Again

Paul Boutin of Valleywag reports that blogging is dead. Read what he said on this blog.

Actually, blogging was said to have died last year, killed by those young punks of the Web 2.0 ‘hood, Facebook and MySpace. But the death of blogging was either greatly exaggerated or blogging was resurrected, since it just helped elect a president before it was pronounced dead again and the death notice circulated throughout the Blogosphere.

The death of  blogging should not be confused with death by  blogging, a recently reported medical phenomenon.

So why does Mr. Boutin say blogging is dead? Three reasons:

1. Blogging is dead because there are too many blogs. Paul Boutin must be a disciple of 20th century philosopher Lawrence Peter (“Yogi”) Berra (“No one goes there anymore; it’s too crowded”).

2. Blogging is dead because all our newspapers, magazines, TV networks, and radio stations are blogging. Dead-tree newspapers are becoming blogs and blog aggregators, so blogging is dead. Somehow that doesn’t mean newspapers are dead; blogging is.

3. There are more tweets than blogs. How many tweets link to blog posts? Only the ones that aren’t Twitter Trivia.

Let us now cite Andrew Sullivan. Compare and contrast the citations above with Sullivan’s Atlantic article “Why I Blog” (just one bluebook, please). Extra credit: Is this an early 21st century, hyperlinked, self-reflexive, 24/7, PoMo-NeoGonzo version of similar statements by Eric Arthur Blair , John Cheever, Anne Enwright, Reginald Shepherd, Daniel Boorstin,  etc.-etc.-etc.-etc? Explain.

It is nearly 2009. Keep an eye out for next year’s blogging obituary, so you can post the postmortem on your blog

More blogging obits here and here and here; note that saying things are dead is dead.
See Dennis Kennedy’s “Why I blog: 2008 vs. 2004

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

5 Responses to “Blogging is Dead. Again.”

  1. woowooteacup Says:

    This topic is certainly making the rounds of [gasp!] the Blogosphere, isn’t it? Funny how something so dead can seem so alive.

    I’m collecting posts related to this topic on a post on my [gasp!] blog here:

    Yours will be added momentarily. – Great image, btw.

  2. Kill My Blog? I Think Not. « The Woo Woo Teacup Journal Says:

    […] November 13, 2008: A post from NotionsCapital about how blogging keeps dying. Mike Licht, the blog’s author, has linked several more articles […]

  3. Mike Licht Says:

    I’m sure the poets among NotionsCapital‘s readers will want to read Woo Woo Teacup Journal‘s post about the Twitter Haiku Contest.

  4. woowooteacup Says:

    Thanks for the nod toward my current blog post, Mike, and the hat tip in your post on the same subject. 🙂

  5. Blogging is Dead. All the Bloggers Say So. « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] onto your laptop: blogging is dead. Again. We really mean it this […]

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