G.W. Bush — A Veteran’s Next Job?

G.W. Bush -- A Veteran's Next Job

In just a few weeks, George W. Bush will declare “Mission Accomplished” and leave Washington for Texas. What will he do after January 20th?

Daughter Jenna told Larry King her father wants to be Baseball Commissioner, but the President’s controversial  investment history with the Texas Rangers franchise makes that unlikely. And our best MLB players tend to be Latino immigrants, who might worry that a Commissioner Bush would surround team dugouts with a 20-foot-tall steel fence.

Mr. Bush loves to clear brush, so we have another job suggestion: caretaker of the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, 11463 State Highway 195 at Chaparral Road, about six miles south of U.S. 190, in Killeen, TX. Mr. Bush has introduced thousands of young Americans to such facilities; this job would give him daily opportunities to admire his handiwork.

The cemetery is 60 miles by road from Crawford, a distance travelled by many Texas commuters. The 75 minute drive would allow plenty of time for introspection.

Of course, the 4th Infantry Division at nearby Foot Hood could insert Mr. Bush by helicopter each day. They have some fairly new CH-47-F Chinooks. That’s more his style.

A version of this post appeared on NotionsCapital on October 8, 2007. We reprise it in observance of Remembrance Day.

Image by Mike Licht.

4 Responses to “G.W. Bush — A Veteran’s Next Job?”

  1. Lawrence E. Rafferty Says:

    I would prefer to see George W. with a different uniform. I was thinking of stripes and his new job could be making license plates for a few years while he serves time for his many violations of U.S. law. After he is done with that debt to society, he can then start on his job at the Veterans Cemetery. It would be the first time he has actually helped the Veterans.

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Lawrence E. Rafferty:

    Perhaps Mr. Bush and Alberto Gonzales can be bunkies.

    At Gitmo.

  3. Lawrence E. Rafferty Says:

    Gitmo is too good for them. I think we should authorize one more rendition to a country that has given their word that they will [not] torture anybody. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  4. Mike Licht Says:

    Lawrence E. Rafferty says: “. . . authorize one more rendition to a country that has given their word that they will [not] torture anybody.”

    I’ve reconsidered. Let’s leave the final decision to the International Criminal Court, where wars criminals are tried:

    Acting in an official capacity as a head of state, member of
    government or parliament or as an elected representative
    or public official in no way exempts a person from
    prosecution or criminal responsibility. Superiors or military
    commanders may be held responsible for criminal offences
    committed by persons under their effective command and
    control or effective authority and control.

    The ICC at a Glance

    Fly Mr. Bush to the Hague on January 21st, not Crawford.

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