Michelle’s Dress

Michelle's Dress 

Remember before the election, when McCain said Obama was over-confident, and was already picking out the White House drapes?

Michelle decided to wear them Tuesday night. 

Hey, just funnin.’ The dress is by the great Narciso Rodriguez, one of the most famous designers in all New Jersey. The dress has raised a few eyebrows, though:

“That Dress? Everyone Has an Opinion,” Ruth La Ferla, The Caucus blog, NY Times

“Michelle Obama’s election night dress upsets America’s fashion crowd,” Daily Telegraph

 “Did you like Michelle Obama’s dress?,” The Big Blog, Seattle Post Intelligencer

“Who designed Michelle Obama’s dress for election night?,” Elizabeth Snead, The Dish Rag blog, LA Times

3 Responses to “Michelle’s Dress”

  1. Arjewtino Says:

    I truly don’t get this whole dress fiasco. Then again, I don’t know sh*t about fashion.

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Arjewtino Says: I don’t know sh*t about fashion.

    You and me both. As I understand it, the shmatteh looks different on a hipless model than on Mrs. Obama. On stage in Grant Park, the dress seemed to thicken her middle and render the outline of her hips indistinct.

    In guy talk, I would compare the design issue to the way military camouflage is used to defeat aerial reconnaissance. You can’t hide the fact that something is there on the ground, but you use your camouflage nets to confuse the enemy. He doesn’t know if you got a helicopter or a halftrack down there. Is that a bunch of howitzers or a tank?

    In contrast, in the endless combat that is female fashion, you want to emphasize the contours of your best equipment, make it even more identifiable.

    Hey, this fashion criticism is tough. No wonder Robin Givhan gets the big bucks.

  3. Mike Licht Says:

    Update: Another reason Robin Givhan gets big bucks: when she looks at stuff, she actually sees things. Her review points out that the Narciso Rodriguez dress looked odd on Mrs. Obama because she actually camouflaged the dress with a black cardigan.

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