Highest-Paid McCain Staffer

Highest-Paid McCain Staffer

Amy Strozzi is the highest-paid McCain-Palin campaign staff member, earning $22,800 in the first two weeks of October.

Ms. Strozzi isn’t the McCain-Palin chief foreign policy adviser. That’s Randy Scheunemann, who got $12,500 in those two weeks. She isn’t the senior communications staff member; that’s Nicolle Wallace, who earned $12,000 in the same period.

Amy Strozzi is Sarah Palin’s make-up artist.

Highest-Paid McCain Staffer
Amy Strozzi (© 2008 Matt Grayson)

Ms. Strozzi does have impeccable credentials. She was nominated for an Emmy award for her work on “So you Think You Can Dance?” and has worked on guests of “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and several Hollywood films you’ve never seen.

Ms. Strozzi shared her Emmy nomination with Tifanie White, make-up artist for Senator John McCain (paid $7,368 during the first two weeks of October), who has also gussied-up guests on “The Tonight Show,” “Larry King Live” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The McCain-Palin campaign financial report listed payments for Strozzi and White under “Personnel Svc/Equipment.”

The fourth highest-paid McCain staffer after Strozzi, Scheunemann, and Wallace? Angela Lew, Governor Palin’s traveling hair stylist ($10,000 for two weeks). Ms. Lew works for Hair Grove in Westlake Village, CA, the same “hot salon” Cindy McCain found through pals in tony Lake Sherwood (her hairdresser is “Piper.”)

Payments to Ms. Lew were itemized under “communications consulting.”

When populist“Wal Mart Mom” Palin was caught with $150,000 in RNC-bought luxury fashions, she claimed the deluxe duds would be donated to charity after the election. Perhaps she can donate her celebrity facial and hair stylings to charity, too. It makes as much sense as saddling poor women with those extravagant “dry clean only” garments or auctioning them off.

Top image: Mike Licht

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