Pantsless Pearson Reappears

Pantsless Pearson Reappears

Former administrative law judge Roy L. Pearson appeared before a District of Columbia Court of Appeals panel today with a new wrinkle in his $54 million lawsuit against a family dry cleaning business. Mr. Pearson lost an earlier lawsuit claimed that Soo and Jin Nam Chung owed him $54 million for a lost pair of suit pants. The attorney for the family contends that they actually have the pants ready for pick up.

Mr. Pearson’s appeal, like the original lawsuit, focuses on a sign displayed in the store reading “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” It apparently takes a lot to satisfy Mr. Pearson. He now claims the sign was deceptive and seeks damages under the D.C. Consumer Protection Act.

The legal costs and stress of the original case forced the Chung family to close two of their three dry cleaning stores. The original lawsuit cost Mr. Pearson his reappointment to his position, and made headlines worldwide.

Roy L. Pearson has an interesting and litigious history, including a $60 million lawsuit against the developer of his housing community and a failed case against his ex-wife in which he was ruled a vexatious litigant. After losing the initial “Pants Suit,” Mr. Pearson sued the Chungs for three days salary for preparing a case against their motion to recover legal costs.  

When Mr. Pearson was not reappointed as a D.C. administrative law judge due to “lack of judicial temperament,” he filed suit under a whistle-blower protection act. His motion for reinstatement, back pay, and $1 million in damages for “humiliation” was dismissed.

The appeals court is expected to rule on Mr. Pearson’s current motion in several months. If the result doesn’t satisfy him, he may press his case with the full appeals court or the Supreme Court.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

2 Responses to “Pantsless Pearson Reappears”

  1. Greg Cummins Says:

    Welcome to the real America Mr. and Mrs. Chung. Unfortunately, you were introduced to the US legal system. It’s what we practicing doctors face everyday.

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Greg Cummins wrote: Welcome to the real America Mr. and Mrs. Chung. Unfortunately, you were introduced to the US legal system.

    Actually, they were introduced to an attorney-at-law who has a history of perculiar personal crusades, not a systemic problem. There are certainly abuses of tort law, but this is not a good example of them.

    It’s what we practicing doctors face everyday.

    Sorry; the high cost of U.S. medical care cannot be blamed on lawyers. It is clearly due to a system that sees pain and suffering primarily as a steady profit center. But I can certainly understand why physicians would hestiate to treat the troubled but litigious Mr. Pearson, who has a history of similar lawsuits and fixations.

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