Candidates Prepare for Final Debate

Candidates Prepare for Final Debate

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are preparing for tomorrow’s third and final 2008 Presidential Debate by cramming on economic and financial issues. There is a slight catch: their economic and financial advisors are the schmucks who destroyed the world economy.

Senator Obama has an easier time, as Republicans in the White House and Congress were the active movers in this catastrophe. Then again, ranking Democrats just let it happen.

Senator McCain has more of a challenge. The McCain-Palin-Bush battle-cry was “Deregulation” until a few days ago, when the U.S. ran out of assets to deregulate. Many American voters have been deregulated out of their homes and jobs.

Senator McCain’s dilemma is how to repudiate the failed economic policies of his advisor Phil Gramm without offending the few remaining Republican true believers. We suggest a new McCain policy: “Deregulating Deregulation.”

Hey, this economic policy stuff isn’t so tough after all.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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