Candidates Cram for Tomorrow’s Debate

Candidates Cram for Tomorrow's Debate

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are grinding away at the syllabus for Tuesday’s Presidential Debate at Belmont University. First question: where the heck is Belmont University?

Just funnin.’ Belmont University (registration: 5,023 students) is in the Athens of the South, Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville has a passel o’ colleges and a wooden Parthenon. Belmont, formerly a school for Baptist ladies, is now your all-around Christian co-ed university. Rose French of Associated Press says the small school is spending millions to support production of the debate, and will allow consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus Tuesday only. A wise decision. These events drive us to drink, too.

We live in a time when small Tennessee Christian schools know how to set up a Media Spin Room. The End is surely near.

The October 7th so-called debate, nominally moderated by NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, is in the so-called “town hall” format. A mixed group of uncommitted and uninformed voters will ask superficial questions on many issues.  This “town hall” format was developed and honed to perfection by Republican candidates, starting with Nixon, to avoid pesky follow-up questions and substantive challenges by opponents. Planted questioners will recite predictable talikng point set-ups so candidates can respond with predictable soundbites. Of course, John McCain is participating and alcohol is permitted . . . .

 The Second 2008 Presidential Debate. Tuesday, October 7, 2008, 9PM Eastern Time.
 ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS, The Shopping Channel.

If you nod off on Tuesday, don’t fret. The candidates will have a more rigorous inquisition on October 12th, 9PM to 9:30PM Eastern Time, when they appear on Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Kids Pick the President.” Kids ask the darnedest things.


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