Will McCain Put Cindy’s Jet on eBay?

 Will McCain Put Cindy's Jet on eBay?
Just plane folks.

Those luxury jets. So useful for commuting from house to house to house to house . . . .

Governor Palin’s misleading fibs about luxury jets and eBay jogs our memory about Senator McCain’s use of his wife’s corporate jet during the campaign, first questioned by Barry Meier and Margot Williams in the New York Times but perfectly allowable under the “Rich Guys in Congress Election Rules,” or something like that. Cindy’s Cessna Citation  is just a simple business jet, after all; sure it’s fast, but why all the fuss?

 Will McCain Put Cindy's Jet on eBay?

Of course the Hensley & Co. jet isn’t the only private plane the Senator used during the primaries. You don’t spend all that time in Congress without making plane-owning pals. Boston Globe reporter Brian C. Mooney points out that Senator McCain violated his own travel policy, using private jets owned by companies with lobbying interests in Washington, including defense contractors Molded Fiber Glass Companies and Harry Sargeant III. 

He also flew on the jets of big campaign donors — Johnson Development Associates, Thayer Services LLC, Diamond A Ford Corp., John A. Moran & Associates, McKinley Inc.,  PVS Chemicals Inc., Web Service Co., and Red Eagle Ventures. The senator said he wouldn’t use corporate jets, but he did. Flying flip-flop. Big deal. He paid some of those companies the equivalent of first class airfare for the flights, right?

Running for president is tiring when you’re in your 70s. But the winner gets Air Force One . . . .

Will McCain Put Cindy's Jet on eBay?

You don’t think a Vice President Sarah Palin would try to put Air force One on eBay, do you?


Images:The Swamp, Politico, Time

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2 Responses to “Will McCain Put Cindy’s Jet on eBay?”

  1. mrb Says:

    I am onboard with this. Can someone hoax ebay and get some press for this?

  2. Palin: Just Plane Folks « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] John McCain, rented a  campaign bus to reach out to the hoi polloi, but actually travelled on a private jet owned by his wife, a millionaire beer […]

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