Cindy’s Literary Let-Down

Cindy's Literary Let-Down

Cindy McCain won’t be publishing her memoirs after all. It isn’t because the McCain-mad masses wrentched her wrist while gripping her mitt. There was a professional writer in the deal, Washington’s own Beth Brophy, with wrists of her own. Ms. McCain was just too gosh darn busy to work on the book while campaigning for her husband. Of course daughter Meghan McCain finished her book, and still found time to blog . . . .

We imagine Cindy McCain had to pay back her million-dollar book advance. Don’t look for change in the petty cash box at Hensley & Company this week.

NotionsCapital is heartbroken. We championed such a book before the deal was even announced, as a crucial part of the McCain campaign strategy. Questions about Cindy Lou Hensley McCain and her family  may heavily influence voters if rediscovered this late in the campaign.  We urged Ms. McCain to get out in front of them by publishing her memoirs in twelve chapters, with the one about her addiction to prescription drugs published in advance as a magazine article.

That article could have positioned Ms. McCain to take on the widespread and dangerous issue of prescription drug diversion as a personal cause, building her a new persona with equal parts of Betty Ford and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Good writing and well-timed publication are the keys to public perception.  Now Ms. McCain looks more like a millionaire drug abuser who used her influence to avoid scandal, a felony rap, and  prison by detoxing in a luxury spa used by film stars.

Felony raps are not unknown in the Hensley family. Questions have been raised how James Hensley, Cindy’s father, was able to legally obtain a license to distribute beer after his conviction on two Federal conspiracy counts invoving liquor distribution.

Questions about the morality of the McCain-Hensley courtship  — and even legality of the marriage — have surfaced. The senator was still married to (and cohabiting with) Carol, his first wife, during his romance with Cindy. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mr. McCain obtained an Arizona marriage license for himself and Cindy on March 6, 1980, but his marriage to Carol was not terminated by divorce decree until April 2, 1980.  The sanctity of marriage is a big issue for “values voters” right now, and this could be a serious campaign problem. A well-timed book could have defused or mitigated this issue.

 A literary let-down indeed. The reading public has been deprived of a compelling narrative of the passions and struggles of the rich and powerful; the publisher has lost a sure-fire best-seller; and the campaign has lost a tool to de-fang poisonous issues that may strike in October.

At least we can read Meghan McCain’s book, My Dad, John McCain . It’s a heartwarming picture book for kids. And if the Republicans are victorious in November, at least one quickie Cindy McCain biography awaits: Cindy McCain: First Lady of Hope, by Alicia Colon.


Image mash-up by Mike Licht

3 Responses to “Cindy’s Literary Let-Down”

  1. olivia dubay Says:

    Can’t wait for that Colon book

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    olivia dubay: Ms. Colon (or an associate) has probably written a book about Michelle Obama, too. Only one of the two books will be published and released two weeks after the election. It this a great country or what?

  3. No-Talk Express — Re-Doubled « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] Try not to look sedated. No questions from reporters. Don’t let anybody see the manuscript of the book you cancelled, the one that explains that your father was a federal felon and his mob connections got him the […]

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