Blog Gals — Good News and Bad News

Blogger Gals -- Good News, Bad News

For those who hold up half the Blogosphere, there is good news and bad news this weekend.

Good News: the recent BlogHer conference held in San Francisco receives coverage in Sunday’s New York Times.

Bad News: the New York Times article on the BlogHer conference is on the Fashion and Style page.

Yes, really.

What were they thinking?


Image cooked up my Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.

2 Responses to “Blog Gals — Good News and Bad News”

  1. washwords Says:

    Hey love the post and loveeeee the graphic. yes, i want one. do you do web logos/design? Thanks for the post. How do I not know about you yet. I write about writing and Washington. Blogrolling you today.

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Washwords: Shucks, thanks. I’ve been doing my “Digital Primitive” graphics for the last year as illustrations for this blog (9 posts a week). I have them on flickr, with a Creative Commons attribution-only license. I used Fireworks back when I did lots of website and e-zine work, but now restrict myself to the most primordial Microsoft tools, which I find more challenging. Even though I’ve done a lot more writing than illustration, I did get a commission for some art (or whatever it is I do) this weekend.

    I wrote for government agencies and nonprofits for several decades, but the work has usually been without attribution, so writing (and commenting) in the Blogosphere under my own name has been quite a departure. I originally posted analytical items about foreign and domestic policy issues on NotionsCapital, but found myself writing to the blog readership which, as you know, prefers humor, satire, and/or outrage.

    I also write songs, and the Austin Lounge Lizards recorded a few, in an effort to make me a legend in my spare time.

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