Andrew Giuliani, Golf Terrorist?

Andrew Giuliani, Golf Terrorist?

[Note: See the update, Giuliani Golf Joke Tour.]

Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City Mayor Rudolph “9/11” Giuliani, was thrown off the golf team at Duke University for conduct unbecoming a country club member and being a crappy golfer. A true sportsman, he is suing the university.

Former Duke “Blue Devils” golf coach Rod Myers recruited Young Giuliani, then died. The grounds of Giuliani’s suit seem to be that Duke seduced and abandoned him and must let him play golf, however low his behavior and high his scores, or something to that effect.  The 22-year-old would-be pro golfer has a strained relationship with his father, a one-time would-be presidential candidate.

Current Duke golf coach O.D. Vincent, the former UCLA coach, suspended young Mr. Giuliani for a series of infractions, including: driving too fast while exiting a parking lot, breaking a club, getting into an altercation with a teammate and, apparently, throwing apples (we at NotionsCapital have been hit by thrown baseballs and apples, and apples are worse).

Edgar Sandoval and Tracy Conner of the New York Daily News quote anonymous Duke students saying Giuliani had become “arrogant and disrespectful toward some of his teammates” and mention the apple-throwing; unnamed team members said the apple-throwing was “provoked.” 

There was some weird kind of reverse-“Survivor”-type vote where the coach would allow Mr. Giuliani back on the team if all teammates lobbied for him; they did not.  In a freshman-literary vein, the suit likened this to “Lord of the Flies.”

Eighty-one registered commenters on the NY Daily News web site have contributed kindly observations that Mr. Young Giuliani, a college junior and “sissy boy,”  “ranked 12th out of 14 players” on the team, “His best finish in college was 36th,” and so on.

Hat tip: Inside Higher Ed

Image by Mike Licht.

11 Responses to “Andrew Giuliani, Golf Terrorist?”

  1. Lawrence E. Rafferty Says:

    I saw this story and after reading several versions of the story it seems to me that this may be the case of a new coach trying to force a player out to be able to use his scholarship for someone who he thinks is more talented on the golf course. Now, he has the right to take away the scholarship, but a reverse vote by the other team members is not how this situation should have been handled. The lawsuit may not be the best way to handle the situation, as well. However, I am not sure that the coach has left Mr. Giuliani any choice if he thinks he should still be on the team. Why the coach just didn’t pull the scholarship which he can do without all of the finger pointing, is beyond me.

  2. Richard Dress Says:

    With the apples Andrew sounds like a real terrorist, but the coach seems to be the bigger scumbag. Why can’t Duke just crank out a scientist or two so we don’t become a third world country next week.

  3. Mike Licht Says:


    Our future scientists are all out on the golf course helping our country in the despolation of square miles of real restate by water-sucking, chemical-fertilizer-soaked golf courses. Poisoning our groundwater and river runoff will keep US scientists busy for decades, especially as cities and towns run out of potable water.

    On the plus side, every single airport in the USA has a PGA shop full of odd-colored clothing for pudgy men, something that makes me proud to be an American.

  4. Mike Licht Says:

    Lawrence E. Rafferty: Maybe the coach wanted to emphasize how Mr. Giuliani’s behaviour had alienated teammates.

  5. Lawrence E. Rafferty Says:

    I don’t doubt that the coach didn’t like him for various reasons, but a coach of young men should not bring them into the fray. As coach, he should handle it one on one after discussing the idea with his Athletic Director. Turning it into a “vote” was wrong and improper and even if he coach had good intentions, it was a poor way of handling the matter.
    You are right about the use of fertilizers and pesticides on golf courses.

  6. Richard Dress Says:

    Don’t be down on golf courses. They provide a safe, relaxing environment for Canadian wild geese.

  7. Mike Licht Says:

    Just 3 things to add to this, from the Post:

    As I surmised, the jilted Giuliani is claiming breach of contract.

    Grounds for Giuliani’s dismissal also include being disrespectful to a trainer.

    Duke spokesman Michael J. Schoenfeld said the university would “vigorously defend this lawsuit.”

    The team vote business would certainly be a good way to shut up a poor player who is also a poor sport and a whiner. It is a team, after all. Does young Mr. Giuliani sound like a team player to you?

  8. Mike Licht Says:

    Richard Dress:

    I guess birders have stopped reading my blog after my posts about pigeons. On their behalf, let me correct you: Canada geese, not “Canadian.” They don’t migrate anymore, either. They have obviously retired here — they are fat and spend all day on the golf course.

    The bad news: these resident-alien Canada geese that don’t migrate are still considered migratory birds by the Feds, so we can’t harvest them so easily. Too bad, they’re mighty good eatin.’

  9. Richard Dress Says:

    Oops, I blush at the mistake. I guess they are sort of like smhoos: they eat golf courses and offer themselves up for our dinner tables. That’s an all-around win.

  10. Richard Dress Says:

    Oops again, I meant shmoos.

  11. Giuliani Golf Tour « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] Giuliani was thrown off the Duke University golf team for being a bad sport and a bad golfer. Naturally he sued the university and golf coach for breach […]

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