Air Service

Air Service
NPS AQI webcam–live

You probably have a bookmark or desktop widget that gives you the local weather report. You can also get a weather report for your lungs from AIRNOW, a Federal cross-agency initiative in partnership with members of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA).

A handsome national map displays the effect of in-coming weather fronts on local air pollution, an Air Quality Index (AQI) Guide helps interpret the meaning of those color codes and pollution terms, the site shows current local information on air quality and even international reports.

Here in Washington, DC the National Park Service Air Quality Division has a visibility webcam that gives you a better perspective than looking out your window, and a much better view (unless you live atop the Netherlands Carillon). Weather data and EPA AQI statistics are displayed on neatly-tabbed “index cards” to the right of the National Mall view.

For obsessive geeks the technologically-minded, there are also AIRNOW instructions for putting EPA AQI data into Google Earth. Maybe you should stretch first, take a walk, get some fresh air.

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