Faux-Redneck Festivities on TV

Faux-Redneck Festivities on TV

The Woodsboro Tavern in (where else?) Woodsboro, Maryland recently hosted the wedding of a couple from a farm off MD State Route 194, reports Pamela Rigaux in the Frederick News-Post. The wedding was recorded by a video crew and will be featured on Country Music Television’s My Big Redneck Wedding, hosted by Tom Arnold.

NotionsCapital has not been to the Tavern, Woodsboro’s new “Chapel of Love,” but we have visited many noted entertainment venues nearby, in the Thurmont-Arcadia Metroplex (volunteer firehouses, Woodmen of the World Camp, Legion halls, you name it). Does the Woodsboro Tavern deserve to be the site of sacred Redneck matrimony?

No! Woodsboro Tavern hosts a darts league. Haw. We rest our case.

The Tavern may be a haunt for what Sports Illustrated writer Kelly Dwyer calls the faux-redneck,  “prep boys trying to pass themselves off as salt of the earth types,” or what some call “mixed-drink rednecks,” wealthy gentry reveling in rustic, rural nostalgie de la boue. But we digress. 

Faux-Redneck Festivities on TV

The first season of the My Big Redneck Wedding “reality TV” show immortalizes the nuptials of eight couples. That means at least four couples should be eligible for next year’s likely sequel, CSI: My Redneck Divorce, sponsored (no doubt) by the National Rifle Association.

My Big Redneck Wedding (Pink Sneakers Productions) débuted in January. The show’s title is derived from that of the OscarTM-nominated 2002 film My Big, Fat Greek Wedding; like it, MBRW  mixes elements of self-parody, nostalgia, high camp, and class- and cultural identity issues.

Previous work of TV producer/director Kimberly Belcher Cowin included My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding , a VH1 “reality” series about “the most extravagant nuptials in America,” celebrated in expensive bad taste by the haute bourgeoisie. Though she worked for MTV hipsters in Manhattan, Ms. Cowin hails from Central Florida, and knows that bad taste is not a Yankee monopoly. Host Tom Arnold, born in exotic Ottumwa, Iowa, has neo-Appalachian credentials from his work in the film Dancing Outlaw II: Jesco Goes to Hollywood.

The faux-redneck theme wedding seems firmly established as a contemporary institution. There is even a book:

Faux-Redneck Festivities on TV

Written in the voice of “five-time bride Ophelia Peterson,” The Redneck Wedding Planner is really by Minnesota-born humorist Buck Peterson, author of the best-selling Roadkill Cookbook. I guess we know what’s on the wedding menu.

On the Web, a well-distributed series of “redneck wedding photos” is actually a product of a contest, “If Rednecks Ruled,” but there really are advertisements for hillbilly wedding services in Gatlinsburg, TN, and many videos on YouTube.

Happy viewing. Oh, one more thing.

Young lovers: hanker to get hitched on TV? Big Redneck Wedding is casting!

There’s something for you older folks, too: Mobile Home Makeover! Y’all hafta live in California for that one, though.  Housetrailers in California . . . .  Does that restrict casting to Bakersfield?


Top Image by Mike Licht. Bag a free copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com
Middle Image: Reality TV Magazine
Bottom Image: Buck Peterson


Y’all come back, now. 

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