Sports Shorts — A-Minus

Sports Shorts -- A Minus

The saucy slogan shorts above would never be permitted at conservative Utah State University, where sports teams are known as “The A” (from “Aggies”). But no one has suggested this garment (except NotionsCapital; we think it’s cute). USU recently prohibited a T-shirt with the slogan I’m proud of my A on the rear back. The front reads Go Blue or Go Home.

Sports Shorts -- A-Minus

Even though USU is in Logan, 80 miles northeast of cosmopolitan Salt Lake City, near ski resorts, this slogan was thought to be a bit too . . . racy. “We don’t want anyone to say, ‘Um, I probably can’t wear that or I feel uncomfortable wearing that,'” says Tiffany Evans, director of the USU Student Involvement and Leadership Center, according to Associated Press.

T-shirt designer Lance Brown changed the slogan to: “I’m Proud of the A” and put the controversy behind him.

Brown was also spanked for his design of last year’s shirt, which read “Bust Your A To Win.”


Top image by “Varsity Mike” Licht. download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

Bottom image: KVNU

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