DC Teaching Hospitals Flunk Conflict of Interest

DC Teaching Hospitals Flunk Conflict of Interest

University hospitals in Washington, DC got their report cards from the American Medical Student Association and the Prescription Project.  They flunked or started summer school.

The scorecards from PharmaFree 2008 ranked institutional ethics regarding staff and the pharmaceutical industry, potential or actual financial conflicts of interest influencing medical care and the doctor-patient relationship.

The situation sounds nastier as described in the New York Times

Most medical schools in the United States fail to police adequately the money, gifts and free drug samples that pharmaceutical companies routinely shower on doctors and trainees . . . .


The PharmFree 2008 Scorecard flunked Howard University Hospital, which did not respond. Georgetown got a D, and the George Washington response was “lost in the mail” (not eaten by lab rats?), but these two borderline institutions are among the 28 percent of US teaching hospitals that claim to be formulating new ethics policies.

The Ponce (PR) School of Medicine was flunked — AMSA thinks it has a presence in DC, but I wonder if they are confused because Ponce applications are processed in Washington by the American Medical College Application Service. PSM is not listed in the survey’s Puerto Rico section, though.

 The national percentages:

DC Teaching Hospitals Flunk Conflict of Interest

There are so many nonresponsive or late responses, it looks like hospitals might have a problem taking the survey seriously, even though it is funded by the Pew Trusts. Or do they have something to hide? Only 7 of the 150 programs got As; 14 got Bs. Imagine what things are like at non-teaching hospitals.

Physician, heal thy prescription practices, or thy students will blow the whistle.

Top Image by Mike Licht. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while downloading. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com


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