Sports Shell Game — Second Half

Sports Shell Game -- Second Half

DC United is playing even worse off the pitch than on it. This season’s 3 and 7, 20 goals against looks great compared with United’s clumsy wrong-footed swipes at the taxpayers’ money. The team is not just offside in stadium negotiations; it is in the parking lot.

Ignoring forty years of bad municipal stadium deals and the advice of every uninvolved analyst, the DC Council and Mayor had offered the team land and $150 million in public financing for a soccer stadium at Poplar Point. With the same strategic acumen that puts them last in the Eastern Conference, United has come back with a demand for $225 million.

Do we really need MLS in DC? These greedy owners waste the time of our government officials, who should be working on education, health, housing, parking, public safety.  We have some perfectly fine collegiate soccer in the Washington area, and latino and Ethiopian soccer clubs that are really part of our community, not just seasonal commuters. Let’s enjoy them.

United seems determined to divide our city and diminish the public treasury. The MLS club threatens to take a permanent road trip. I say let them.


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