Shalom South Florida!

Shalom South Florida

Lantslaite! Mishpocheh! Vee Geyts?  How I envy you there in the beautiful Land of Our People, Miami Beach! Of course, it does start getting a biseleh heys und dempik down there about now . . . .

Listen, what is it with this bubbe maisse about Obama, the schwartze with the zeiseh punim?  What shmendrik, what shmeggegie told you he’s Moslem? His name’s Barack? Was Bernard Baruch Moslem? Same name. Obama’s a goy. Nu?  And this alter kocker McCain is not?

Here’s how narishkayt like this Moslem business gets started: some farmisht chaim yankel mixes up two different guys in the government. The emmes:


This is Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Shalom South Folrida

That’s where the Obama family davens. Does Trinity United Church of Christ sound like a mosque to you? The pastor who just retired talked meshugener sometimes, but he was  teaching poor residents skills and placing them in jobs, giving school supplies to poor children, helping abused women, counseling cancer survivors and helping drug and alcohol abusers. Those aren’t mitzvahs? No wonder Baruch Barack liked that church. He had been a Chicago community organizer, just like Saul Alinsky.

Zay gezunt


Yiddish-American Glossary:

A biseleh heys und dempik A little hot and humid
Alter kocker Old shi gent
Bubbe maisse Fairy tale
Chaim Yankel Any fool; bumpkin (no real English equivalent)
Daven Pray
Emmes Truth
Farmisht Confused
Goy Non-Jew
Lantslaite Homeboys
Meshugener Crazy
Mishpocheh Family
Mitzvah Blessing; good deed
Narishkayt Foolishness
Nu? So?
Schwartze Black person; African American
Shmeggegie Idiot (no real English equivalent)
Shmendrik Stupid person (no real English equivalent)
Vee Geyts? Wazzup?
Zay gezunt Be well (a traditional leave-taking)
Zeiseh punim Sweet face

Terms, pronunciations, use, and transliterations vary. Please don’t blame my Bubbe for any flagrant errors. Just laugh and send me corrections.

Note: This weblog post is not related to the long-running radio program “Shalom South Florida” on WLVJ-AM (1040kc) at 9 AM to 10 AM each Sunday.

Top and middle images by Mike Licht. Bottom images from TUCC. Download top image here and middle image here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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