Beyond Words

There is an organization in south Chicago, at 400 West 95th Street, (near three Chicago Housing Authority communities, La Salle Food & Liquor, and Blowout Hair Studio) that provides child care and counsels troubled families.

It runs a Family Rescue Shelter for victims of domestic abuse, provides computer training for children and teens, helps needy children get basic school supplies, runs job fairs and trains the unemployed and underemployed in the skills they need to compete for jobs.

It conducts support groups for cancer patients and their families, educates the community about early detection and prevention, and helps dispel myths and fears about cancer. It provides professional family, group, crisis, and grief counseling.

It is the Trinity United Church of Christ. Is it any wonder an idealistic young community organizer named Barack Obama became a parishioner?

Barack Obama of the  Developing Communities Project

Top Image: Mapquest; bottom image: Christian Science Monitor.

2 Responses to “Beyond Words”

  1. Des Says:

    We need more compassionate establishments like this, sadly our government do not see the importance of these centers.

  2. More Than Talk « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] few social service programs for poor black residents in the church neighborhood.  Reverend Wright increased their number and scope, but he did more: he invited the poor in as church members, as equals. No […]

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