Jenna and Henry — ANWR Honeymoon?

Jenna and Henry -- ANWR Honeymoon

A new rumor is circulating:  Jenna Bush and Henry Hager won’t enjoy an exotic tropical honeymoon after all, but will enjoy the fleeting beauty of ANWR, the Alaska National Wildlife Preserve. How has this totally unfounded rumor spread? You’re reading it, aren’t you?

May is a bit early to enjoy the awsome beauty of Alaskan nature; the photogenic migrations of black flies and mosquitoes won’t commence until later. Jenna may insist on going there, though; as a child, she was lulled to sleep by her father’s fairytales about the mystical land of ANWR, and Henry does work for an energy company. And there are some awsome sights in wild Arctic wonderland:

ANWR exploration

 Awsome, huh? Just look at the size of that derrick. Then there are natural wonders,too:

Bears in Alaska

Haw! Dick Cheney always thinks of a fairground shooting gallery when he sees this one!

And how about:

Caribou in the oilfield

Beauties, huh? Look at those racks! Hang all your Stetsons on those, I bet.

But what’s more romantic than a pipeline at sunset? Aw, I bet honeymooners will think of something . . . .

Pipeline at Sunset

Photos from Arctic Power by way of  (the drilling lobby); map from the Google Earth Case Study

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    […] Alaska National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) would have been a more rugged but scenic choice. The honeymooners would have been among friends from the energy sector and the few remaining native […]

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