Wild Waco Weekend

Wild Waco Weekend

The Jenna Bush – Henry Hager wedding has paralyzed tiny Crawford Texas and stunned nearby Waco, which already has a full calendar of events this weekend. While everyone is moved that President Bush built a limestone altar for the nuptials (it will barbeque three whole briskets too), some Texans who are not selling souvenirs are annoyed with the additional traffic, fuss and bother.

This is a royal wedding, American-style. It is not every day that the daughter of a sitting president weds a former aide of Grand Vizier Karl Rove. Henry Hager is also son of a former Virginia Lieutenant Governor who heads the Republican Party in Virginia, and is rich.

Jenna and Henry Wedding Mugs
Jenna & Henry Wedding Mugs

Waco, down the road, is crammed with snotty big town journalists, monopolizing carhop service at Whataburger, grabbing all the Yellow Cabs, snapping their fingers at waitresses and clerks, and demanding alcohol on the Sabbath. This is a big, big weekend in Waco, with the Texas Technology Student Association Conference and its big Trebuchet Contest, the handbell concert, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Tennis Tournaments at Baylor University, the Rocking Heart Ranch fundraiser for the American Heart Association, the meeting of The Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Central Texas Empire, dinner theater, and Mothers Day festivities at scores of churches and fraternal organizations.

Jenna and Henry Mouse Pad

Jenna and Henry Mouse Pad

The press does not seem to have information on Jenna and Henry’s honeymoon; even U.S. Ambassador to Burma Laura Bush isn’t talking. NotionsCapital seems to have the scoop!

Top image by Mike Licht and Camille Pissarro. Download it here. From Mike and Camile’s original, “Rush hour at Pontoise.” Download that here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

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