Sweeping Changes for Parking Tickets

Sweeping Changes for Parking Tickets

They’re here: camera-equipped street sweepers will be cleaning up for the District of Columbia Government.  The digital images will be processed by license-plate-reading software, a concept first applied in Chicago.

Tickets ($30) will be automatically printed and mailed to offenders who ignore the street-cleaning hours posted on “no parking” signs.

Street sweepers

DPW says the twenty tractor-sized sweepers clean 4,000 “lane miles” of city streets every month, and 450 tickets are issued on a typical day. For some reason, Ward 3 does not have the weekly street-cleaning hours. What’s the story there?  Do leaves there self-destruct, or do the maids come out and clean the streets?

The $36,000 cameras will be tested on two street sweepers for 45 days before they are installed on the rest of the fleet. No one mentions it, but if these “sweeper-peepers” are a success, it seems clear the cameras will be installed on DOT’s meter patrol cars in the next year or two. That’s called “progress,” Government-style.

Image by Mike Licht.


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