Pantsless Pearson Rides Again

Pantsless Pearson Rides Again

Former District of Columbia Administrative Judge Roy L. Pearson Jr. has filed suit in Federal Court to get his D.C. job back. Mr. Pearson enjoyed worldwide ridicule for suing his dry cleaners for $54 million for allegedly losing a pair of his pants. He lost the lawsuit and his job as well.

Mr. Pearson’s new suit legal filing claims he was a whistleblower, wrongfully dismissed from his position with the DC Office of Administrative Hearings for exposing internal corruption. He asks for reinstatement in his job, back pay, and $1 million in damages for “humiliation” and “physical illness” he suffered as a result of his “retaliatory” demotion and eventual dismissal. The city claims his term had expired last May and he was not reappointed due to lack of judicial temperament.

One wonders why Mr. Person was appointed as a judge in the first place, as he had been ruled a vexatious litigant in a Virginia suit against his ex-wife. Mr. Pearson had also tried to sue the developer of his DC neighborhood and city agencies in a rather, er, interesting claim.

As I have said elsewhere, Mr. Pearson is God’s gift to news editors. Sadly, he is also the poster child for increased access to mental health care.

Snappy dresser, though.

Image cleaned and pressed by Mike Licht.

2 Responses to “Pantsless Pearson Rides Again”

  1. lacochran Says:

    The Kinks were right. Paranoia, the destroyer.

  2. Pantsless Pearson Reappears « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] as a D.C. administrative law judge due to “lack of judicial temperament,” he filed suit under a whistle-blower protection act. His motion for reinstatement, back pay, and $1 million in […]

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