Cherry Blossom Web Cam Haiku

Cherry Blossom Web Cam Haiku

After three weeks of live-streaming the state of blossoms on the famous yoshino cherry trees of Washington’s Tidal Basin, the National Park Service Cherry Blossom Web Cam has gone dead black. Go ahead, see for yourself.

I can only attribute this to the NPS Webmaster’s “post-party depression” after millions of tourists — and a hungry beaver or two — visited the famous flowers. Wind, rain and time have taken their toll on this year’s fragile petals, and their transience is sort of the point of it all. And while yoshino blossom petals lie about like scattered snowfall, the kwanzan cherry double blossoms are just emerging, larger flowers of a deeper pink color. Redbud and apple blossoms are coming into their own, and the hardy dogwoods still doggedly hang on.

National Park Service: rescue your Webmaster from her deep seasonal despair. Descend to the windowless server room, take her hand, and walk her along the blooms on the banks of the Potomac.

Oh yeah. If you aren’t going to use the web cam any more this year, take it off your site. It’s beginning to bum me out. too.

 Image and haiku by Mike Licht (blank screen courtesy NPS). Feel free to add your own cherry blossom web cam haiku as a comment.

One Response to “Cherry Blossom Web Cam Haiku”

  1. wanderer7 Says:

    nature is the best! it relinks our souls with the fivine cosmos … the smells, the colors, the brightness of a forest space … it is an awakening experience.

    love and light!

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