A Modest Proposal: Afghan Opium Energy

A Modest Proposal -- Afghan Opium Energy

Thanks to the ongoing conflict, Afghanistan now supplies 93% of the world’s opiates, twice the world demand. The opium trade is a major source of funding for insurgents and government corruption.

The war-torn country has coal, oil and gas reserves, but they are undeveloped.

Why not use the opium oversupply to address the energy undersupply? Make ethanol from opium poppies.

This solution will:

  1. Provide clean, green energy
  2. Advance the War on Drugs
  3. Undercut the Taliban
  4. Reduce government corruption
  5. Reduce air pollution
  6. Help the pitiful economy
  7. Feed the chickens

Everybody wins but the drug lords.

Image by Mike Licht and some global energy colossus or other. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license. Credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

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