Opening Day

Opening Day

The Washington Nationals play their home opener in newly-erected Viagra Park – just follow the traffic jam; you can’t miss it.

Actually, the team — or the city, or MLB, or WTF knows – gets to decide on the “naming rights,” which morally-bankrupt corporation will pay millions to be linked forever to the municipally-financed ballpark. Rumor says Bear-Stearns has the inside track, with Preparation-H and HeadOn tied for second.

 Nationals Park


The new high-rise condos in the stadium neighborhood reflect opening-day excitement, and scores of windows are decorated with bright red “Foreclosed” and “Price Reduced” signs.

Baseball mavens say the new park will be a “hitter’s stadium.” Now that Congress has stopped those baseball-drug hearings, maybe the Nationals would be interested in Franklin Stein (below) the new pitcher I’ve developed with Synth-Sport Labs. He’s a rookie, but parts of him have been recycled.

Opening Day

Top and bottom images by Mike Licht; Middle image by Washington Nationals, MLB. Download bottom image here. Creative Commons license. Credit: Mike Licht,

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