Anatomy Lesson from NotionsCapital

Anatomy Lesson from NotionsCapital

Got racing handlebars on your bike? Feel a numbness in your small fingers after a while? Your may be damaging your Ulnar nerve.

Play bass fiddle? Feel a numbness in the fourth and fifth fingers of your left hand after a few sets? Bingo. Ulnar nerve entrapment. See your doctor.

I have gained my extensive medical education the same way I’ve learned about cars — as things break down. Today I’m getting my Ulnar nerve re-routed to the other side of my elbow to end the Novocain-like numbness in my little fingers (sorry about this technical neurological language) so I might be slow in responding to email and comments for a few days.

When I do answer, I’ll be medicated to the gills and typing one-handed — just like most of you!

Anatomy Lesson from NotionsCapital

This post is not meant to substitute for personal advice from your physician, bike mechanic, or contrabass repair person. Download of relevant double bass image is available here. Creative Commons license. Credit: Mike Licht,

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