GOP: Last Man Standing

 GOP -- Last Man Standing

After the March 4th primaries, Senator John McCain is the indisputable, bulletproof Republican presidential nominee.  GOP voters in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont put him in a mathematically-certain position, with enough delegates to swing the convention. Senator McCain has certainly survived tougher fights than this one; he has another ahead of him.

Reverend Huckabee gave McCain his benediction and said goodbye his own campaign congregation on the church steps. 

Ron Paul is still out there . . . way out there.  He always is, isn’t he?

GOP -- Last Man Standing

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s John McCain. Images by Mike Licht. Download a copy here and Grumpy Blimp image here. (Creative Commons License; credit Mike Licht,

2 Responses to “GOP: Last Man Standing”

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  2. Robert Says:

    I dunno whats so “way out there” about getting our nose out of others peoples business and actually following the constitution.

    Does no one else care that McCain thinks big businesses should be immune from civil and judicial oversight after handing over private info to the feds without a warrant? We already know the FBI can’t get it right.

    And lets not even start of the death of Hebeas Corpus

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