Pixelating America Revisited

Pixelating America Revisited
In today’s Washington Examiner, local columnist and Oakton High School teacher Erica Jacobs describes attending the “Picturing America” preview and succumbing to the charm of First Lady and former Texas school librarian Laura Bush.

Ms. Jacobs was charmed by the President joking that he is a moron, charmed that Ms. Bush exhibited poise while speaking in her own home, and charmed that Ms. Bush spoke at length without notes, though the transcript shows she said nothing of substance or value, merely acknowledged celebs in the crowd and the government functionaries implicated in reproducing the “iconic pieces of art.” “Iconic pieces of art” means clichés of American culture, images children already know quite well though pop culture parodies.

The public programs component of NEH has itself become a parody during the current anti-intellectual administration. It is a wonder that any level of meaningful scholarship is still supported by the Endowment, and a tribute to the few remaining NEH professionals with integrity.

Iconic image, “Washington Crossing the Delaware Near the Toll Bridge” by Mike Licht and Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze. Download it free here (Creative Commons license; credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com).

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