No Quarter!


Writers handle rejection well (they better) but this stung. Not only did the D.C. Government reject my design for our quasi-state’s commemorative U.S. quarter (above), the U.S. Mint rejected  D.C.’s “Taxation Without Representation” design as “too controversial.” This is apparently the first coin proposal in the entire “State Quarter” series to receive an outright rejection.

As many have noted, the New Hampshire quarter bears the slogan “Live Free or Die” that is so controversial many New Hampshire motorists choose to obtain license plates without it. I guess the difference is that the New Hampshire slogan merely refers to death while ours is about taxes.

D.C. Government responded to their rejection by resubmitting the same designs (Banneker, Ellington, George Washington’s cattle brand) with the District’s actual official motto that nobody knows about, Justitia Omnius, “Justice for All.”

The phrase on my D.C. quarter design actually resonates with Washington residents. No wonder the Post, City Paper and blogs picked up on it. We teach that phrase to 20 million tourists every year. The coin would have been a handy instructional aid, even if it’s only worth 0.164614 of a Euro.

Image by Mike Licht. E pluriMetrobus unum. Download a free copy here (Creative Commons license; credit: Mike Licht, 

One Response to “No Quarter!”

  1. granite state Says:

    There isn’t a single motorist in NH who has chosen to obtain a license plate without “Live Free or Die”. Some may cover it up with tape or white-out, but those people are few and far between.

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