Retro-Immunity for Undisclosed Telco Crimes

 Retro-Immunity for Undisclosed Telco Crimes

“It was legal. And now all of a sudden plaintiffs attorneys, class-action plaintiffs attorneys, you know — I don’t want to try to get inside their head; I suspect they see, you know, a financial gravy train — are trying to sue these companies,” he says. “It’s unfair. It is patently unfair.”

“And, secondly, these lawsuits create doubts amongst those who will — whose help we need.”

— President George W. Bush, 10:37 a.m. ET February 28, 2008, from USA Today (On Deadline)

Those rich rapacious class-action plaintiffs attorneys are terrorists! Let’s send them to Guantanamo for preying on the poor, defenseless little telecommunications corporations and Internet Service Providers, when all they did was violate the U.S. Constitution and reams of Federal Law (including FISA) by letting NSA wiretap and data-dredge without warrants. The least we can do is give phone companies and ISPs immunity from their unspecified crimes while we stamp out their Medals of Freedom. We can’t let anyone know what illegal acts; the terrorists (including lawyers?) would find out about our secret methods.

Sorry, Mr. President. There is nothing Americans would like better than watching the hated phone companies get ripped to shreds by sharp class-action lawyers and Constitutional and Internet advocates. It is obvious you care more about phone company profits than national security, and hearing you call everyone who opposes you a “terrorist tool” has grown stale. The claim that Telcos should be immunized so they will help you break the law again later is patently absurd.

FISA has been constantly updated and would work just fine, if your administration cared anything about obeying the law.


See the White House webcast of the press conference here.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a free copy here (Creative Commons license: credit Mike Licht,

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