Washington Nationals: Fare Catch

Washington Nationals -- Fare Catch

Today in Sports, the big story is Eats. The Washington Nationals have sent their old food service to the showers and filled the dining dugout with a mix of seasoned pros and promising rookies, all hometown favorites. Good play, guys.

 The complete roster is at Dan Steinberg’s D.C. Sports Bog, with further commentary on the gustatory line-up (with hyperlinks for the hungry)  by Marc Fisher.

 Top of the batting order: Ben’s Chili Bowl, Boardwalk Fries, Gifford’s Ice Cream, Cantina Marina, Red Hot & Blue BBQ, Mayorga Coffee, Hard Times Café. Unusual depth in the chili department, but Ben’s is known for chili dogs and chili-cheese fries; Hard Times for bowls of Texas and Cincinnati chili.

These rookies will debut as well: Kosher Sports, La Piccola Gelateria, Noah’s Pretzels, and Krazee Ice. No pizza? No Five Guys burgers? Oh well.

The main food contractor is cleverly named Centerplate. No word on beer brands, or if there will be peanuts and Crackerjacks®.

Image by Mike Licht. Download it free under Creative Commons license here. Hot dog!

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