Atlantis Lands

Atlantis Lands

In an amazing development, the Space Shuttle Atlantis actually arrived on time at 9:07AM this morning, even after circling Cape Canaveral or Cape Kennedy or Cape Whatever to burn off fuel and allow the astronauts to finish their drinks. The aging space vehicle hurtled down a three-mile-long runway to a safe stop; union baggage-handlers sauntered over some time later.

Orbital space is now clear (except for those helpless shmucks in the International Space Station, scores of communications and espionage satellites, and 70,000 pieces of floating space junk) so U.S. Navy skeet-shooters can blast missiles at a nonfunctional spy satellite the size of a bus and pulverize it before it falls out of the sky.

What is not clear: East Coast skies, and they have to be for us to see tonight’s lunar eclipse. If clouds persist, we will just see a lightening, darkening, and slight reddening of some clouds. A big yawn. It will be cold tonight over most of the Atlantic Coast, so if it stays cloudy, stay home and watch re-runs unless you have to walk the dog.

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