Election Shocker!

Election Shocker

In an electrifying move, Fidel Castro has dropped out of the upcoming presidential election. This was not totally unexpected; there have been rumors of health issues for some time and Castro, the only candidate to do worse than Rudy Giuliani in the Florida Primary, was not in the strongest of positions.

It is not clear if delegates pledged to Castro will be released. Now, with Pervez Musharraf out of the picture, remaining candidates could reach the conventions without a clear winner.

Castro vows to remain a presence in party politics and will continue his newspaper column. Several Sunday morning television programs have reportedly asked him to be a panelist or commentator, but he is said to be asking for an uninterrupted four-hour time slot.

Stay tuned for developments.

Election Shocker -- Stay Tuned to NotionsCapital

Top image courtesy: League of Womyn Voters.

6 Responses to “Election Shocker!”

  1. jposty Says:

    Ha… the race you are refereeing to is the upcoming North American Union’s prime minister election, correct?


  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Castro’s not a Republican? Next you’ll tell me Ron Paul isn’t a real Republican.

  3. jposty Says:

    Ron Paul is a republican? The media told me he was an arcane isolationist and someone to be laughed at.

  4. Mike Licht Says:

    Arcane isolationist? Mercy. Wonder why they would say that.

    Laughter, okay. That blimp sure didn’t help.

  5. jposty Says:

    The blimp was (imo) no different than a billboard which politicians have been using for a while.

    Least the RP Daytona race car idea didn’t happen… I don’t think people really thought that one through.

  6. Mike Licht Says:

    Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:
    blimp (ˈblimp, noun)
    Etymology: imitative; perhaps from the sound made by striking the gas bag with the thumb (1916)

    1: an airship that maintains its form by pressure from contained gas

    It starts with gasbag and even gets political with “Colonel Blimp.” Although I am a fan of lighter-than-air craft, this is not a felicitous choice for a politician.

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