Paulistas on the March!

Paulistas on the March!

Attention residents of Washington, DC: They’re coming! The Paulistas are on the march! Maybe.

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, MD, Republican of Texas (who could be Our Next President according to our laws and customs if not the laws of probability) has just rallied his followers to March on Washington.

I’m not exactly sure why; I’m not sure he really knows. If you have the patience, please watch the video and tell me. It’s also not clear if Rep. Paul’s people have applied for the necessary permits from  D.C.’s Homeland Security outfit or the National Park Service (NPS), but the guy is a declared presidential candidate and NPS employees might fear President Paul will abolish their agency along with the IRS and be anxious to accommodate him.

The Paulistas are talking about march dates in the next three or four months, way too soon for the normal permit process, but the term “normal” does not appear in the Constitution or descriptions of Mr. Paul’s campaign or adherents. I pity the poor NPS employee who must tell the previously scheduled Mothers’ March Against Bad Stuff and 5000K Fun Run To End Earthly Evil that they’ve been bumped for Ron Paul.

An indication that Mr. Paul’s followers have not figured out why they should march  is the “Name the March Contest” going on right now. If you are a fan of Ron Paul and have not learned of this through the Hive Mind, register and vote for the cause of your choice now.

UPDATE: I should have known the crack journalistic team at Wonkette would be on top of this story. Wonkette commenter BROWNPAU points out that as soon as Rep. Paul announced the march, dozens of web sites with different march dates picked up the cry, including Revolution March, Ron Paul March, and Tax Day ’08.

It remains to be seen if anyone can herd these Libertarian cats. Even Ron Paul.


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