Super Tuesday: Republicans

Super Tuesday — Democrats

The three-way battle between front-runner John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee might be the big story in this multi-state primary contest (don’t you feel like there should be a Power Ball number, too?).

McCain, in contrast to abstemious Mormon Romney, is married to blonde beer distributor Cindy. With this election coming two days after beer commercial heaven (the Super Bowl), will this motivate the brew-swilling masses?

Cindy McCain's Straight Malt Express 

Former Governor Romney has emphasized his economic know-how and experience with anti-terrorism measures as director of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Did his attempt to dispell concerns about his Mormon (Church of Latter-Day Saints) faith backfire?

Mitt Romney tries to assuage doubts

Mike Huckabee has proven the best stand-up comic of the Republican candidates, as befits a man who has stood at the pulpit keeping congregations awake Sunday mornings, and he is a pretty good rock and blues bass player.  His attempts to stretch his experience as Arkansas Governor into more esoteric fields seem to fall flat:

Huckabee Hybrid Gass-Electric Bass

Will Huckabee drop out if he doesn’t get a decent chunk of the southern primary vote? Stay tuned!

Images by Mike Licht.

Mike Licht, Download McCain here. Download Romney here. Download Huchabee here. Attribution: Mike Licht,

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